Sweet crabapple fruit tree excellent edible apple a real tough & easy LIVE PLANT

Sweet crabapple fruit tree excellent edible apple a real tough & easy LIVE PLANT

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  • The also that make an excellent wildlife tree that will draw in birds, deer, and turkey as well as many others. Plants are hardy from zone 4-7 and are 12-18 inches tall. The crabapples themselves are quite tart and make an EXCELLENT addition to apple cider giving it an classic kick in tart crispness. People will often throw a few of these in with regular cider apples...very good.
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  • You are bidding on 1 seedling. Sweet Crabapple You are bidding on 1 seedling. Here is a very unique crabapple that is good for both people and wildlife. These trees grow to 20 feet tall with lots of yellow or even green crabapples that are edible fresh, stored or added to cider. These used to be much more widely used since they could be kept well into winter in the 'olden days'.

European Crab Apple, (French Crabapple), Malus sylvestris, Tree Seeds (Fast) 20 seeds

European Crab Apple, (French Crabapple), Malus sylvestris, Tree Seeds (Fast) 20 seeds

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Grow Your Own Japanese Maple Trees(Red Crabapple)

Grow Your Own Japanese Maple Trees(Red Crabapple)

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  • disease resistant
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Selecting a Crabapple Tree

Crabapples make wonderful spring-blooming trees in the home landscape. When selecting a crabapple, consider not only flower color, but also foliage and fruit color, size, and disease resistance.

Fill your house with the blooms of spring - Quad City Times

A: Select branches containing round, plump buds. (Narrow, pointed buds are usually leaf buds. Flower buds are generally larger and have a more rounded shape.) Make clean, slanting cuts 1 to 2 feet from the tips of branches with a sharp pruning shears. Selectively remove branches that won’t harm the appearance or shape of the plant.

A: The time period required to force branches into...

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  2. Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Be bowled over by spring-blooming crabapple trees
    So now is the time to be bowled over by the beauty of crabapple trees in full, glorious bloom. The pink blossoms on the crabapple planted near my front porch casts a gorgeous, rosy glow through the living room windows. Through my kitchen window, my
  3. Chicago Tribune Orange growths on juniper trees signal cedar-apple rust
    The disease usually does no lasting harm to the juniper tree or shrub, she said, but it can be a somewhat more serious matter for apple trees, including ornamental crabapple trees. Infected leaves get spots and may shrivel. Rust also can cause spots on 
  4. Post-Bulletin Mychal Wilmes: Judgment should be based on our noblest nature
    Cherubims cuddled with the crabapple tree overnight and left it adorned with dark pink blossoms. The adornment won't last much longer than the baby angels' visit; wind and rain will send blossoms falling on to windshields, lawn and gravel. The tree
  5. O'Meara: Fire blight, deadly to trees, runs rampant
    It's a banner season for fire blight, a bacterial disease that is especially destructive to apple, pear, quince and crabapple. It attacks in spring, when temperatures reach 65 degrees and frequent rain occurs. Bacteria overwintered in cankers on the


  1. Flowering Crabapple. Few ornamental trees offer the variety of tree shapes, sizes, flower colors and ornamental fruit as flowering crabapples. There are over 35 species and 700 cultivated varieties of crabapples and have been a part of the home landscape for many years.
  2. Crabapple fruit is not an important crop in most areas, being extremely sour due to malic acid (which like the genus derives from the Latin name mālum), and in some species woody, and for this reason is rarely eaten raw.
  3. There are few plants that create greater intrigue or visual impact during all four seasons than the flowering crabapple. In the spring all eyes are enticed with delicate colors offered by emerging leaves and buds.
  4. Flowering crabapples (Malus spp.) are ornamental trees that produce showy blossoms and brightly colored fruits. Their fruits usually aren't sold by grocery stores.
  5. How to Prune a Crabapple Tree. Crabapple trees are fairly hardy trees that do not require much pruning for the purpose of encouraging growth. Your tree may need minimal pruning to maintain its silhouette.
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