Jobe’s Tree Fertilizer Spikes, 16-4-4 Time Release Fertilizer for All Shrubs & Trees, 15 Spikes per Package

by Jobe's
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  • Continuous supply of nutrients below the surface, where the active roots are growing
  • Pre-measured fertilizer spikes nourishes at the roots; Time release fertilizer for all trees and shrubs
  • Guaranteed analysis: (16-4-4) 5 spikes, (15-3-3) 9 spikes, (16-14-4) 15 spikes,160 spikes

Product description

It’s no secret that beautiful, healthy trees make your yard look spectacular. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes for Trees & Shrubs ensure a continuous supply of nutrients below the surface, where the trees’ active roots are growing. Jobe’s Spikes are easy to insert around each tree’s dripline, and the slow-release formula lasts all season. No wasteful runoff, no mess, hazards or smells – only a safe beautiful yard. For best results, use Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes for Trees & Shrubs in early spring and late fall. —Jobe’s Tree Fertilizer Spikes will help the trees in your yard thrive. No mess, hazards or smells – only beautiful green trees.

Crabapple and Purple Finch, Giclee Print of Watercolor Landscape, Tree Branches with a Bird and Red Tiny Apples, 14 X 21 Inches

by ARThouse
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  • The subject is an "intimate landscape" or close-up of nature, showing a purple finch perching under the branches of a crabapple tree in autumn
  • The image size of the print is 13.5 x 20.5 inches with a 1 inch white border, and will it will fit perfectly into a 22 x 28 inch standard size mat and frame
  • This is a giclee print created from an original watercolor painting by Maryland artist Susan Avis Murphy

Product description

Giclee prints from ARThouse are printed on a medium-weight acid-free fine art paper (Epson Velvet), using light-fast archival inks (Epson K3) on a professional digital printer. Each print is signed and titled personally by the artist. Your print will come with a biography of the artist and a Certificate of Authenticity. It will be wrapped in a protective sleeve with a backing board and shipped flat.

Spring Fun With Felt!

What a simply gorgeous week it has been so far. I absolutely love spring and with all my flowers and crabapple trees budding, I am in spring heaven! Plus, last year for my birthday (summer), I bought and planted a red bud tree. This year, even though it's only six feet tall, it has red and pink all over it and I am ecstatic! You never know through the wind and winter snow if something new like that will make it, but it did! Yay! Felt:
Soft to the touch yet sturdy, Stamp School felt is a medium-weight 100% merino wool, imported from Holland.  Be forewarned, once you craft with it you'll have a hard time ever going back to a blend or acrylic.  Approximately 14oz. per linear yard (36x72 inches) and 1mm thick, almost 1/16 inch.  Our felt is not flammable, and safe for babies and children.   I stamped my sentiment in Grape Jelly ink on Whip Cream cardstock and then cut out with a Spellbinders pennant die. You can see the beautiful soft texture of the felt in this close-up. ALL new April releases will be available April 1 at A Walk Down Memory Lane . Just type in Stamp School in the search bar, and you can see all there is that you need :)
Source: Joy in a JAR

Selecting a Crabapple Tree

Crabapples make wonderful spring-blooming trees in the home landscape. When selecting a crabapple, consider not only flower color, but also foliage and fruit color, size, and disease resistance.

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  1. Campus blooms early thanks to March's high temperatures
    Jonathan Seik, a graduate statistics student, studies Wednesday afternoon outside the Selleck Quadrangle, crabapple trees blooming a few feet away. Crabapple and other trees on campus have returned to life several weeks ahead of schedule.
  2. Tree shapes
    This article will explain the basic facts about tree shapes. The umbrella shaped tree is good for a two to three story house. Disease resistant elms, some cultivars of honey locust and even some crabapple fit into this category.
  3. Lewiston Sun Journal Norway tree-planting program wins grant
    Norway requested an $8000 grant to plant five trees, including a Washington Hawthorne, a variety of crabapple and fastigiate oaks. Andrea Burns, president of Norway Downtown, said the Norway plan was developed with Tish Carr, Norway's tree warden.
  4. Suddenly spring, and Northeast Ohio is blooming (video)
    Cuyahoga County Master Gardeners reported seeing redbuds, magnolias, hellebores, crocuses, azaleas, pear trees, early crab apples and lilacs coming out last week in Rocky River and Cleveland Heights. Experts say that the spring growing season arrived
  5. Budding flowers and to-do lists mean spring has sprung
    By SU BACON Tulips, daffodils, Bradford pear trees, dogwood and crabapple trees — “everything is a lot earlier this season,” said Dee West, president of the Northland Garden Club. After an almost snowless winter, signs of spring are sprouting forth in

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  1. Crabapple tree in full bloom at the Botanic Gardens. 4-22-12
  2. Greaves Preserves Crabapple Jelly: The Crabapple is a tiny red apple that grows on the tree that is prized by ma...
  3. they are beautiful. #tree #frontyard #crabapple #white #makeshalfaheart <3
  4. Cheers to Crabapple Tree! In my yard
  5. Crabapple tree ( spring is so sexy)


  1. Crabapple trees are one of the most giving trees in the garden. They start in spring, clothing themselves in massive billows of bright blooms, filling the air with their welcome fragrance. In summer, their sturdy branches provide a safe homes for birds and their young, and shade for delicate...
  2. This is what I call artistic photo. Kinda dark, but with hope.
  3. Growing The Delighful Flowering Crabapple Tree. Flowers are one of the most delightful creations that nature has to offer but not all flowers need to grow at ground level. In fact the flowering

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  1. Topping trees is a bad practice
    Fringe Tree, Kousa Dogwood, Winter King Hawthorn, Leprechaun™ Ash, Amur Maackia, various cultivars of flowering crabapple, Leonard Messel Magnolia, Star Magnolia, Snow Fountains® Cherry, Snow Goose Cherry, Weeping Yoshino Cherry, Ivory Silk® Tree Lilac ...
  2. Stark Bro’s Presented Inaugural Missouri Grown Pioneer Award
    Stark Bro’s was founded in 1816 by James Hart Stark, a true pioneer who brought apple tree scions from Kentucky and helped establish fruit-growing west of the Mississippi. Those scions, which were eventually grafted onto local crabapple trees and grown ...
  3. Cantigny announces photo contest winners
    Second place: Ron Szymczak of Wheaton for his early morning rendering of a large crabapple tree adjacent the Rose Garden. • Third place: Angela Cichosz of Carol Stream for her black-and-white portrait of Summer, one of the "Four Seasons" statues located ...
garden crabappletree
This little tree is old and not very healthy. I planted a Wisteria frutescens underneath it, to hasten it's demise.
Photo by Bev Wagar on Flickr

zenfli nikon fall autumn garden crabapple tree pond water silhouette branches
The crab apple tree
Photo by zenera on Flickr

spring centralpark gothamist conservatorygardens crabappletrees
Three out of four trips to the Gardens this week found them closed, so when I finally made it in this is what I came back with. These images are tonemapped, I hated to do it, but the lighting is tricky and I wanted...
Photo by FreeVerse Photography on Flickr

Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree
Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree
Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree
Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree
Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree
Home > Flowering Trees > Crabapple Trees > Robinson Crabapple Tree