2 Corkscrew Willow Trees - Ready to Plant - Unique Privacy/Shade Trees - Beautiful Dragon Claw Willow Trees - Use Branches from your own Trees for Crafts and Gifts

Price: $12.95

  • Visually Appealing - Unique and Rare Look - The neighborhood will be in envy of your great taste and the beauty of this hard to find tree
  • Shipped Bare Root - Packaged with Care - Some Trees May Have Leaves and Brances
  • Perfect Gift for Any Tree Lover - Easy to Grow - Low Maintenance - Great for Crafts or Handmade Gift Making

Willow Tree Bundle Pack - 10 Hybrid Willow Trees + 4 Weeping Willow Trees + 2 Corkscrew Willow Tree - Ready to Plant - Indoor/Outdoor Live Tree Plants

Price: $24.99

  • Beautiful Assortment of Fast Growing Trees - Perfect Gift for the Tree Lover or Green Thumb
  • Attractive Trees - Pleasing to the Eye - Add Peace and Privacy to your Outdoor Space
  • Very Hearty and Easy to Grow - Start in cup of water plant when ready - Trees will be approx. 8 inches tall and have roots and some may have leaves and branches.

3 Live Plant Willow Tree Bundle - 1 Hybrid Willow Tree + 1 Weeping Willow + Tree 1 Corkscrew Willow Tree- Fast Privacy Hedge and Attractive Shade Trees that are Easy to Grow. Indoor/Outdoor

Price: $14.99

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - You will love these easy to grow trees.
  • Attractive Trees - Pleasing to the Eye - These Trees Filter The Air and Make Oxygen
  • Perfect Gift For Tree Lovers, Good For The Environment, Birds and Deer Love These Lovely Trees

5 Willow Trees- Ready to Plant - 2 Weeping Willow Trees + 2 Austree Hybrid - Willow Trees + 1 Corkscrew Willow Tree - Indoor Outdoor Live Tree

Price: $18.99

  • Visually Appealing - Affluent & Rare Look
  • Perfect Gift for Tree Lover - Very Easy to Grow
  • Detailed Planting Instructions are Included

(1 Gallon) Corkscrew Willow-showy twisty branches like a corkscrew-also good for wet spots. Branches reach out horizontally and then twist this way and that, creating curls or corkscrews

Price: $16.95

  • (1 Gallon) Corkscrew Willow-showy twisty branches like a corkscrew-also good for wet spots. Branches reach out horizontally and then twist this way and that, creating curls or corkscrews
  • It's part of the willow tree family and is often grown for its attractive fall foliage color, fast growing habit, and unique branching structure. The plant has four season interest - In the spring, it has lovely buds. In the summer, its graceful leaves and fast growing habit provide shade. During the fall, the leaves turn a bright, almost pure yellow color . Winter allows the corkscrew willow's wonderful branches and intricate shapes to be seen against a backdrop of blue winter sky or snow .
  • Corkscrew Willow, also known as Dragon's Claw, curly willow

How To: planting my corkscrew willow cutting ✔

Planting my newly rooted corkscrew willow branch.

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  5. Redlands Daily Facts Curly willow is fast-growing ornamental tree
    The Salix matsudana is commonly called curly willow because of the loosely curling shape of its branches. It is also known as the corkscrew willow, Pekin willow, Hankow willow, twisted-twig willow and contorted willow . The Salix matsudana or curly


  1. The Corkscrew Willow has unique twisting and turning branches to add interest to the landscape. Every autumn their leaves turn a vibrant shade of golden yellow.
  2. Also known as curly willow or tortured willow, corkscrew willow (Salix matsudana ‘Tortusa’) is easy to identify by its long, graceful leaves and curly, contorted ...
  3. (credit to www.outlooknow.com) Destinye Arnold Dr. Kim Thompson PBIO: Plants and People March 16, 2015 Willow Tree Reproduction Willow trees ...
  4. Willow cuttings, willow rods or Whips, living willow sculpture dome kit, tunnel, fedge, hedge, and fence kits. Salix viminalis, triandra, osier, corkscrew curly ...
  5. Willows all have abundant watery bark sap, which is heavily charged with salicylic acid, soft, usually pliant, tough wood, slender branches, and large, fibrous, often ...
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"Salix 'Golden Curls', 2016, Corkscrew Willow, SAY-licks, 30x15 ft Tree, Z4, , Bloom Month --, In Bed f2.11 for 19.1 years This cultivar is apparently a hybrid between S. alba 'Tristis' and S. matsudana...
Photo by F. D. Richards on Flickr

brooklynbotanicgarden salix salicaceae salixmatsudana malpighiales taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:family=salicaceae taxonomy:genus=salix taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:order=malpighiales taxonomy:claderoot=plantae clade:plantae=magnoliophyta clade:magnoliophyta=magnoliopsida clade:magnoliopsida=salicales clade:salicales=salicaceae clade:salicaceae=salix taxonomy:binomial=salixmatsudana clade:magnoliopsida=malpighiales clade:salix=matsudana taxonomy:eolid=485200 taxonomy:common=corkscrewwillow clade:plantae=tracheophyta clade:tracheophyta=magnoliopsida clade:malpighiales=salicaceae bbg2015fav
Salix matsudana at sunset at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Photo by HorsePunchKid on Flickr

sunset tree silhouette corkscrewwillow
Salix matsudana, 'Tortuosa', taken from our back garden. One of my favourite trees.
Photo by harry harris on Flickr