Confederate Jasmine scented soy candle - Floral Candle - Highly fragrant, long lasting pure soy candle handmade - Maximum fragrance load - 50+ hours of burn time

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Product description

Confederate Jasmine candle makes an ideal gift for any Southern Gal from Alabama to Georgia or even South Carolina. A good homesick candle gift too. If you like soft Jasmine without that overpowering perfume like smell, this is it. This is hands down the best Jasmine scent around. No Granny scents in this candle. The closest thing to real jasmine available.

- Pure soy wax for a slow, long lasting burn

- Self trimming, cotton braided wick

- Every soy candle has been hand poured with love, and a passion for a safe, non-toxic home that is filled with an aroma reminiscent of New Orleans, Louisiana.

- Every batch is personally handmade with consistent methods for the best quality every time.

- Candles have the maximum usage of fragrance oil for strength and safety (Fragrances oils are also Dibutyl Phthalate free)

- Total fill weight of 6.5 oz, in a medium sized 8 oz mason jar

Thank you for stopping by. Every purchase is greatly appreciated by this Southern Gal.

Each product is a reflection of my love for New Orleans and the South.

Its scent has probably been described in the literature with more superlatives than any other single essence. It has been described variously as heavenly smelling, exotic, exquisite, tenacious, sensuously rich, supremely sensual, intense, slightly heady, narcotic, intoxicating, sometimes clawing, warm with oily leafy-green, fruity undertones, elusive, sweet and warm.

VROSELV custom tapestry Country Decor Tapestry Wall Hanging Leaves with Little Dragonflies and Jasmine Environmental Botanical Ecology Illustration Bedroom Living Room Dorm Decor Green White

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  • Usage: Almost any for Home Decor Purpose like- Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Bedspread, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Bed Cover, Room Divider, Curtain, Table Cloth, College Dorm, Picnic blanket and Beach throw
  • Material: 100% Polyester.Made of High Quality Elastic fabric with hand-sewn finished edges. Provides an elegant look and a silky soft touch!
  • Washing Instruction:Gentle Hand Wash Separately In Cold Water, Dry In Shade only

Product description

This is elastic fabric printed tapestry. It is completely handmade.

Brighten up any space with this beautiful. Add a unique feel to your room with this elastic fabric handmade wall hanging. Go for a dramatic makeover of your wall.

This can be used as a Tapestry, Bedspread, Bed Cover, Table Cloth, Beach Sheet or even as a Throw.

It adds a lot of color in any given room and spreads a very positive and joyous vibe. It's an art piece, a collector's item and provides a rich and vibrant feel.

The colors used are also Eco-friendly.

The imperfections in this piece such as size variation, color variation and a little miss print give it a very authentic look.

Good, tight power loom construction.

My day, in pictures.

Actually it’s “the end of my day… in pictures” because I didn’t think to take any while I was in the process.

So after the poison ivy overrun of 2010/2011, I was really ready to get a garden back in this year.
You would think as excited of the prospect I was, I would have thought to start this process last month sometime when it was somewhat cool.
You would be wrong.

Oh hell no. I waited until today when it was 84 and the sun out in full force.

But it is now done. Thankfully. Now I just wait for everything to start growing and I’ll be eating zucchini in no time!

Descriptions in no order, mainly because I’ve clicked of “create gallery” and don’t remember what order they are in.

There’s a couple pictures of the garden itself. There is cucumbers, zucchini, squash, eggplant, cantaloupe (going to have to pay attention to that bad boy for fear it will take over the whole garden), lettuce, radishes, and beets.

The picture of a small planter by the wall is watermelon.

Not pictured is a thing of strawberries and a pot of basil.

The picture of the chair underneath the magnolia is where I sat down to get a respite from the sun and a dead bird fell on me. Yay.

Picture of me in the bathroom, still looking somewhat chipper although I just had dead bird and me and am moments away from heat stroke.

The pool is a picture of a pool. I set it up for the first time today and it was greatly appreciated. Bronco loves that thing.

The vine with a bud is my confederate jasmine that should be blooming here soon. My carport is going to be the best smelling in all of Georgia.

And pictures of the three dogs because why not.



Trachleospermum jasminoides Confederate jasmine, Star jasmine

Evergreen woody stemmed climber, very fragrant white flowers in summer. Grow in sun or light shade. Provide support.

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  1. Jasmine Notions Not All Accurate
    These jasmines-in-name-only, including Confederate jasmine and night-blooming jasmine, are popularly known as such because they fit the jasmine stereotype: Shrubs or vines with small, fragrant, white flowers. But like most stereotypes, it's inaccurate.
  2. Ask the Master Gardeners April 2012
    A: The Confederate jasmine is one of my favorites. When it is blooming, the smell is almost overpowering. We had one by the front door and really enjoyed its spring bloom. Two climbing roses are suggested for Texas landscapes: the Mermaid rose (Rosa x
  3. Celebrating the beauty of Brazil at Macy's annual spring flower show
    The list of flowers, with their lush, romantic names, seems endless and includes Song of India, Tropical Blue, Bamboo, Confederate Jasmine, Molten Lava Crabapple, Star Magnolia and Green Cascade Full Moon Maple. An 8-foot tall topiary toucan — made
  4. Gwinnett Tech's Horticulture Program Partners with Gwinnett County Public ...
    Vines: clematis, confederate jasmine, carolina jessamine, trumpet honeysuckle and more. The GTC Greenhouse is located adjacent to Building 600 on the Gwinnett Tech campus. Gwinnett Tech offers an associate degree and a diploma program in Environmental
  5. Making the most of vines, the living walls
    Confederate jasmine and allamanda are good examples. Other vines, like some bougainvillea and climbing roses, don't twine or climb, but grow with abandon toward the sun. They can become woody and heavy and will eventually be able to support themselves,

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  1. Just planted some fragrant Confederate jasmine. Next up: vining hydrangea and honeysuckle. My backyard is going to rock in two years!
  2. GOBama, the Confederate Jasmine's in bloom and the South is with you, prObama. U prevented a depression of a recession
  3. First bloom on my confederate Jasmine. #beautiful creatures
  4. Just walked outside and my backyard smells of Sweet Olive Trees, Confederate Jasmine, and Honeysuckle. I love springtime in the South!
  5. Nothing like the smell of confederate jasmine! Ahhh! #IheartIOP


  1. The Best Way To Grow A Confederate Jasmine No Matter Where You Live. Confederate Jasmine is also known as Star Jasmine. It is classified under the Apocynaceae or Dogbane family with the scientific
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  1. Rooftop Romance
    Pierce also incorporated Confederate jasmine as a nod to his time spent living in Savannah, Georgia — “to me, it’s the best smell in the world,” he says. The pair also used milk glass vases, vintage picture frames and trinkets from their home to ...
  2. Beaufort’s lovely character Dottie McDaniel flies away to her room in the sky
    Sara Tetley said that, when Dottie moved into assisted living at the Helena House, she brought along her arbor, Confederate jasmine and three-tiered fountain from the Sky Room. (Her boxwoods from the Sky Room live on in the fine garden at The Castle on the ...
  3. Inventing Your Garden: Fragrant plants for Southwest Florida
    My personal favorite characteristic is fragrance. When I say the word fragrance … most of you reading this will instantly think of the exotic aromas of confederate jasmine, honeysuckle or Ylang Ylang. Those aromas can be so intoxicating that they make ...
white flower floral jasmine challengeyouwinner
Photo by Auntie P on Flickr

flower home square photography jasmine vine squareformat fragrant confederatejasmine iphoneography instagramapp amytrippmyers
Enjoying the scent of Confederate Jasmine flooding my house through the open windows.
Photo by amytrippmyers on Flickr

vine evergreen tropical shrub perennial starjasmine angelwingjasmine oleaceae confederatejasmine semievergreen jasminumnitidum oleafamily olivefamily royaljasmine jasminumillicifolium jasminummagnificum jasmimestrela shiningjasmine windmilljasmine
Oleaceae (Olea or olive family) » Jasminum nitidum JAZ-mih-num -- latinized form of Persian name NI-ti-dum -- meaning, shiny or glossy commonly known as: angelwing jasmine, confederate jasmine, royal jasmine,...
Photo by dinesh_valke on Flickr

Confederate Jasmine Vine ~ I want to put an arbor like this to block ...
Confederate Jasmine Vine ~ I want to put an arbor like this to block ...
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Confederate Jasmine Ground Cover Related Keywords & Suggestions ...
confederate jasmine | Epistles from Echowood
confederate jasmine | Epistles from Echowood