9GreenBox - Confederate Jasmine - 6 Pack

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  • JASMINE PLANT - a small shrub or vine that is widely cultivated for its stunning and sweet-scented flowers. Can also be used as a fragrant ingredient in perfumes and as a jasmine tea. Approximately grows up to 1.6 to 9.8 ft in height. Can be grown indoor or outdoor.
  • TAKING CARE OF JASMINE PLANT - the most common pests for Jasmine species are whiteflies, nematodes and mealybugs. In order to prevent your plant from these destroying insects, you can apply a neem oil to your plants soil and that should aid the insect's issues.
  • 9GreenBox Confederate Jasmine that you will be receiving in your purchase is 6 pack. Proudly Homegrown by 9GreenBox

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Confederate Jasmine Live Plant 1 Gallon Green

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  • Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping
  • Fast-growing, twining vine that can be grown on lamp posts, Trellises, or arbors.
  • Does not ship to CA or az.

Jasmine Confederate - 15 Live Plants - Fragrant Easy to Grow Vine Showy Blooms

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  • A valuable perfume oil is extracted from the steam distilled or tinctured flowers and used in high end perfumery. In a dilute form, tinctured flowers are much used in Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai incenses.
  • Confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) produces an abundant display of cream-colored star-shaped blossoms in late spring and early summer. The vines can reach up to 20 feet tall with proper support, or you can allow it to sprawl over a garden bed as a 1- to 2-foot-tall ground cover plant.
  • Can be used on fences, pergolas, you name it...but the closer to the house, deck or patio the better in order to enjoy the lusciously sweet fragrance. The tiny white blossoms appear in April and May; the rest of the year this is a handsome vine with small and glossy deep green leaves that can provide complete privacy with the right support.

(1 Gallon) CONFEDERATE JASMINE - Produces Clusters of Small, White Flowers That Look like tiny pinwheels. Flowers are extremely fragrant And Can Easily Perfume An Entire Yard

(1 Gallon) CONFEDERATE JASMINE - Produces Clusters of Small, White Flowers That Look like tiny pinwheels. Flowers are extremely fragrant And Can Easily Perfume An Entire Yard

Price: $27.95

  • Relatively pest free and drought resistant
  • CONFEDERATE JASMINE, 1 gallon plant, 8-15" tall
  • Full sun to partial shade, hardy in zones 7-9

Confederate Jasmine Evergreen Fragrant Vine - Live Plant - Trade Gallon Pot

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  • They are covered with thick glossy evergreen leaves that are 2 in long, oval shaped, and pointed at both ends Confederate jasmine is a fast-growing, evergreen vine that can be grown on lamp posts, trellises, or arbors. It will easily twine through chain link fences and makes a great, evergreen screen. Also great for use as a ground cover.
  • In early spring and summer, Confederate jasmine produces clusters of small, white flowers that look like tiny pinwheels. Despite their diminutive size, the flowers pack a huge punch of sweet fragrance and can easily perfume an entire yard
  • Plant is growing in a Trade Gallon pot - FOR FLOWERING PLANTS, WE CAN NOT GUARATEE BLOOMS AT ALL TIMES -- Photos provided are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily represent the exact size or shape of the plants being purchased as plant sizes are constantly changing, whether its from new growth, or after being trimmed, or from going dormant in winter. Plant sizes vary from one crop to the next and from one season to the next. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PLANT SIZES

How to grow Star Jasmine (Confederate Jasmine) with a detailed description

The products I use - https://kit.com/HortTube This video is a detailed description of Star Jasmine. Star Jasmine is also frequently called Confederate Jasmine. It is a fast growing evergreen...

Extent of weather damage to landscape plants won't be known for months - New Bern Sun Journal

Cold-damaged foliage of Distylium 'Blue Cascade' at the Craven County Agricultural Building is shown. Some discoloration of the stem is also visible in the lower left of the photo. For this and many other landscape plants across the region, the full extent of damage as well as potential for recovery from recent freezing temperatures won't be evident until well into the growing season....


  1. How to Plant Confederate Jasmine. Confederate jasmine is a hardy, fragrant perennial that grows rapidly. It is a flowering vine that requires vertical support for optimal growth. The plant is fairly problem-free and easy to care for and...
  2. Confederate jasmine is a somewhat light feeder despite its vigorous growth. Too much fertilizer will cause leggy or weak growth, which can harm the plant’s appearance over time.
  3. Trachelospermum jasminoides is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae, native to eastern and southeastern Asia (Japan, Korea, southern China and Vietnam). Common names include confederate jasmine, southern jasmine, star jasmine, confederate jessamine, and Chinese star jasmine.
  4. Trachelospermum Species, Chinese Star Jasmine , Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides
  5. Confederate jasmine is also called star jasmine because of its white, fragrant, star-shaped flowers. A vigorous vine, it's evergreen in most of its range, but its leaves can turn bronze when temperatures drop in cooler areas.
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aka Star Jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides April 24, 2010 Vigorous, hardy evergreen and invasive fragrant flowers
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