cleome (spider flower)

beautiful spider flower.

Roger Mercer: Insecticide on seeds and plant identification - The Fayetteville Observer

Dear Roger: I collected seeds from my cleome plants for next year's crop. I have noticed small spiders running in the container where I keep the seeds. I am wondering if it's OK to use an aerosol insecticide to get rid of them without hurting the seeds. — Blaine

Dear Blaine: It's fine to spray seeds with an aerosol containing pyrethrins or resmethrins. The carrier and...


  1. Cleome flowers are excellent candidates for the back of the flower border, where their lanky stems can hide behind other plants, but their festive flower clusters can sway in the breeze above other flowering annuals. Plant cleomes in clusters of five plants or more to avoid the "soldiers-in-a-row" visual that single plants suggest.
  2. The cleome spider flower, sometimes called spider leg or spider flower, is so named for its tall, leggy appearance and the shape of its leaves. Flowers of the cleome plant are intricate, large and showy. They may be bi-colored in pink or lilac colors with white or they may be only one of these colors.
  3. Cleome is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cleomaceae, commonly known as spider flowers, spider plants, spider weeds, or bee plants. Previously, it had been placed in the family Capparaceae, until DNA studies found the Cleomaceae genera to be more closely related to the Brassicaceae than the Capparaceae.
  4. Cleome hassleriana, commonly known as spider flower, spider plant, pink queen, or Grandfather's Whiskers, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Cleome of the family Cleomaceae, native to southern South America in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southeast Brazil. It has also been introduced to South Asia, including the Haor area of Bangladesh. It is an annual growing to a height of 150 ...
  5. Cleome flower seeds produce big, airy blooms from early summer until frost on compact, bushy plants. Loads of flowers adorn this Cleome plant. The Cleome Hassleriana plant attracts butterflies and ...
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cleome クレオメ
クレオメ, Cleome
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