Mother Earth Products Dried Chives, Quart Jar

List price: $11.97
Price: $11.95

  • Snack out of the bag or use with meals or camping
  • Can store up to 25 years in proper conditions
  • Look for all our other great product's; Dried veggies, freeze dried fruits and veggies, true dehydrated beans and TVP

Harmony House Foods, Dried Chives, Chopped, 2 Ounce Quart Size Jar

Price: $12.97

  • Food you can trust from a nationally recognized leader
  • Store for 1-2 years in your cupboard; No more wasted food
  • Dehydrated vegetables maintain their high nutritive value with less nutrients lost

McCormick Freeze Dried Chives, 0.16 oz

List price: $4.19
Price: $3.94

  • Premium quality for pure, superior flavor
  • Made from carefully harvested, gently dried fresh chives
  • Warm, onion like flavor that mixes well into savory dishes

Tone's Chopped Chives - 1.12oz shaker

Price: $9.98

  • Tone's Chopped Chives - 1.12oz shaker

McCormick Gourmet All Natural Chives, 0.12 oz

Price: $4.60

  • Use as a garnish or as an herbal seasoning
  • Premium quality for superior flavor
  • Mild onion flavor and bright color spice up a variety of dishes

Difference Between Chives and Green Onions

Difference between green onions, chives, and scallions . , . . . . Grocery stores label long, skinny, green topped onions that have white bottoms as either scallions or green onions....

Recipe: Lindsey Bareham's sausage and tomato pasta with chives - The Times

This is an idea pinched from M&S. I doctored a jar of their tomato sauce with hints of sausage, adding Parmesan and masses of finely sliced chives. It was so good, I made it from scratch the next day with fresh passata, a couple of meaty butcher’s pork sausages, fennel seed and red wine. Try it mixed into orecciette pasta or over split baked potatoes.

Serves 4

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  2. Grill-baked potatoes with chive butter
    In medium bowl, combine butter, 3/4 cup of chives, 1/2 cup sour cream, and salt and pepper; mix until smooth. Transfer butter to large sheet of plastic wrap and form into a log. Wrap and refrigerate until firm, about one hour. 2. Light a grill. Using a
  3. Freepress Online Home & Garden: Chives — Superheroes of the Herb Garden
    But hold on; at the edges of the garden are two husky clumps of chives, the superheroes of the herb world. Like other herbs, chives are a great addition to many foods, adding their delicate oniony flavor to creamy dips and salad dressings, potato
  4. The Adirondack Daily Enterprise Fresh summer chives dress up potato dishes
    Bright green chives are rapidly growing in our garden. The tender, tubular leaves are the mildest alliums. Others are onions, leeks and garlic. All alliums are in the same plant family as lilies. Chives are a perennial herb, so they come up each spring
  5. The Splendid Table Green-Poached Eggs with Spinach and Chives
    I call this creation “green eggs no ham,” and it's an ideal vegetarian dish. Spiked with lemon zest, chives, chile, and cream, it really doesn't want bacon or ham or all the other meaty things I automatically think of when I think of eggs. It's based


  1. Fine dining located in Suamico just minutes north of Green Bay WI. Chives offers fresh seasonal cuisine utilizing local ingredients.
  2. Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest chives with this growing guide from The Old Farmer's Almanac.
  3. Perfect in every way as usual! An intimate table as per my online request, knowledgeable and personable staff, wonderful wine and the food was on point!
  4. Fine Dining in Downtown Baileys Harbor. Chives Restaurant Door County is located in Downtown Baileys Harbor. Inspired by owner, JR Schoenfeld, Chives continues its reputation for food quality, presentation and value.
  5. Allium schoenoprasum. Perennial. Description. Chives belong to the same family as onion, leeks and garlic. They are a hardy, drought-tolerant perennial growing to about 10-12 inches tall.
The mild flavored leaves of this garlic relative are great chopped and sprinkled over soups.
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gardening chives
Chives about to flower
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Photo by Samantha Forsberg on Flickr