Mother Earth Products Dried Chives (One Full Quart Plastic Jar)

List price: $12.25
Price: $11.95

  • NonGMO and gluten free
  • Can store for years in proper condition
  • Snack out of the bag, or use with meals or camping

McCormick Freeze Dried Chives, 0.16 oz

Price: $4.19

  • Warm, onion like flavor that mixes well into savory dishes
  • Made from carefully harvested, gently dried fresh chives
  • Our chives are freeze-dried at peak freshness to ensure maximum taste and a bright green color. As a member of the onion family, McCormick Freeze-Dried Chives have a mild, almost sweet onion flavor and add a warm zest to savory dishes. Mix into scrambled eggs or vegetable dips. Or toss a handful of McCormick Freeze-Dried Chives onto deviled eggs or mashed potatoes for extra taste and color.

Harmony House Foods, Dried Chives, Chopped, 2 Ounce Quart Size Jar

Price: $12.97

  • Saves time and money; 2 ounces of dried chives yields 12 ounce; When reconstituted
  • Food you can trust from a nationally recognized leader
  • Store for 1-2 years in your cupboard; No more wasted food

Member's Mark Chopped Chives by Tone's, 1.12 Ounce

Member's Mark Chopped Chives by Tone's, 1.12 Ounce

Price: $11.01

  • Freeze Dried
  • Hardy Flavor
  • Recipe Enhancer

Frontier Natural Products Chives Freeze-Dried, 0.14-Ounce

List price: $3.56
Price: $3.48

  • Freeze-dried chives for conveniently adding fresh color and indispensible flavor
  • All-Natural, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher
  • 0.14 Ounce Bottle

Difference Between Chives and Green Onions

Difference between green onions, chives, and scallions . , . . . . Grocery stores label long, skinny, green topped onions that have white bottoms as either scallions or green onions....

Recipe: Lindsey Bareham's sausage and tomato pasta with chives - The Times

This is an idea pinched from M&S. I doctored a jar of their tomato sauce with hints of sausage, adding Parmesan and masses of finely sliced chives. It was so good, I made it from scratch the next day with fresh passata, a couple of meaty butcher’s pork sausages, fennel seed and red wine. Try it mixed into orecciette pasta or over split baked potatoes.

Serves 4


  1. Chives, scientific name Allium schoenoprasum, are an edible species of the genus Allium. Their close relatives include the garlic, shallot, leek, scallion, and Chinese onion.. A perennial plant, it is widespread in nature across much of Europe, Asia, and North America.. A. schoenoprasum is the only species of Allium native to both the New and the Old Worlds.
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  3. Recent Examples on the Web. Serve with pumpernickel bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped fresh chives, and smoked salmon if desired. — The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, Good Housekeeping, "Everything Bagel Dip," 21 Dec. 2018 In a large bowl, combine minced bread and chicken with ground veal, eggs, ½ cup chives, lemon zest, ½ teaspoon salt and shallot-mushroom mixture.
  4. Chives are easy to grow. They require full sun and will benefit from rich, moist soils. Keeping your chive plant snipped back will cut down on the dried, yellow stems from overtaking the entire clump.
  5. The green stems are the part of the chives that are used as an herb. Chive stems are hollow and are usually used fresh. Chives are typically chopped and can be used as a garnish, although they do have a mild oniony flavor, especially fresh ones.
The mild flavored leaves of this garlic relative are great chopped and sprinkled over soups.
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gardening chives
Chives about to flower
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