Nearly Natural 5172 Cedar Silk Tree, 4-Feet, Green

by Nearly Natural
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  • Pot Size 8w x 7h
  • Captures the essence of the real tree
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Product description

The Cedar Pine is renowned for its gentle beauty that lasts the entire year. It's also a very versatile plant in terms of look - equally at home in a summer garden, a rustic den, or a snowy backyard. And our 4' tall Mini Cedar Pine Tree perfectly captures the essence of the real thing, without the care a live tree needs. Boasting 1,000 tips, this elegant tree will enhance any décor and also makes an ideal gift.

Stratton Men's Cedar Shoe Tree (Small) …

by Stratton
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  • Great Gift - Long lasting shoe trees are a timeless necessity that every gentleman will use, making it a great gift with its elegant gold branded nameplates.
  • Adjustable - Integrated spring coil centerpiece provides just enough light tension to fill your shoes while firmly maintaining the length.
  • Great Shoe Shaper - Shoe trees are known to maintain and preserve the original shape and form of your shoes, as well as preventing wrinkles from appearing.

Product description

Our full toe is our best selling wooden shoe tree, featuring its two part ventilation slots at the toe, which is recommended by most fine shoe manufacturers. Use of our shoe trees is the ultimate way for a gentleman to protect and extend the life of his shoes. Made from the aromatic heartwood of premium red cedar, these shoe trees work their magic by absorbing the odor and moisture into the wood, and then allowing the moisture to escape through the two ventilation slots. They preserve the original shape of the shoe by our gentle spring loaded technology.

Our award-winning Top Rated status is testimony to our integrity of quality and design, by thousands of worldwide customers year after year.

The Stratton corporation was founded by a group of world class shoemakers and carpenters who wanted to raise the bar in the men's shoe care industry. Their joint effort and expertise resulted in our award winning shoe trees. Today the Stratton Corporation is expanding there premium men's accessories, and cedar products using are philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoe tree making to the level of an art form, each pair of Stratton shoe trees are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes 57 separate production steps. No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of are name

Such uncompromising standards bring out the lasting beauty of our natural cedar products. In fact, we stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee against mechanical defect.


Tree shapes - Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Winter is the best time to appreciate various tree shapes. The fundamental shape of a tree lends interest to the landscape in winter. Remember how many boulevards used to be flanked by the American Elm, with it’s vase shape. That tree didn’t have low hanging branches to interfere with sidewalk traffic or need constant pruning to stay out of the roadway. Imagine planting a weeping willow on a boulevard! Definitely not workable.
The six major tree shapes are; the umbrella, weeping, pyramidal, round, columnar and oval shapes. They each have unique shapes and make good specimen plants. Choosing a tree for your landscape has far reaching effects and there are many points to consider. It is important to know how a tree develops. Is the tree messy? Some trees drop blossoms, seed pods, fruits or even branches. Is the tree recommended for your zone? How big is the mature tree? Does it grow fast or slow, need full sun, can it withstand drought? As you plan your landscape, all of these points need to be considered. This article will explain the basic facts about tree shapes.

The umbrella shaped tree is good for a two to three story house. Disease resistant elms, some cultivars of honey locust and even some crabapple fit into this category.

Weeping trees have pendulous branching and usually look best as specimen plants. Using them near a water feature or allowing them to cascade over a wall works well. Weeping willows and white birch come to mind, but the nursery industry has bred many other species to this category. Weeping mulberry is becoming more common also.

Pyramidal shapes include narrow-leafed evergreens that give a yard year-round structural interest. Other trees in this category include the pin oak and linden or basswood tree.

Large trees with round canopies look spectacular against the skyline. Because of their ample spread, they make excellent background plants. They look well with single story houses. A round canopy...

The Cedar Tree-Victoria Part One

Beautifully written series from 1976 no copyright infringement intended , solely for people to enjoy

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    He was tamping down the soil surrounding dozens, perhaps hundreds, of cedar tree seedlings he replanted in a shelter belt in southwest Ellis County, the victim of last year's drought. Last year, he said, hundreds of cedar trees were planted in the new
  2. Tree shapes
    Eastern red cedar is an example of this category. Oval shape trees show off their stately character best when in foliage. Their oval shapes are attractive when paired with another geometric form, such as a round or pyramidal shaped tree.
  3. Cedar Rusts and Fire Blight Concerns
    Growers should protect trees with fungicides. Once diseases symptoms develop on apple, it is often too late for control. 1. Cedar-apple rust produces large brown galls on cedar and other species of Juniperus. Soon after a rain, galls produce slimy
  4. West Linn Tidings Stately trees get special honors
    To qualify, the trees must meet certain factors such as size, location and historical significance. However, because the city has so many fir trees, applications for those tend to be denied. A cedar tree in front of West Linn High School is a heritage
  5. The Press Association Sites selected for tree projects
    The EU-funded trial will grow species including English oak, Scots pine, silver birch and sweet chestnut as well as more unusual trees such as the Atlas cedar and Monterey, Macedonian and Maritime pines. Each site will contain the same 30 species and

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  1. Cedar allergies causing issues for some
    Central Texas has an allergen for every season, during the winter that allergen is from the cedar trees that make up much of the local landscape. Wednesday’s cedar pollen count was 9.5 percent, considered medium high, in the area, compared to 10.1 ...
  2. Time to clean up the Christmas trees on Loop 360
    It's an Austin tradition: taking the family and turning the cedar trees on Loop 360 into Christmas trees. But the tradition isn't universally loved because sometimes those who decorate don't come back to clean it up after the holidays. Loop 360 is a TXDOT ...
  3. TVA: Recycled Christmas trees can serve as fish habitats
    Those who enjoy a natural pine, cedar, fir or spruce tree for Christmas often don’t know what to do with the tree after the holidays. Each year nationwide, millions of trees are taken to the curb and end up as unneeded solid waste in local landfills.
tree washington olympicpeninsula cedar washingtonstate olympicnationalpark bigcedartree
Big Cedar Tree - Olympic National Park - Washington State
Photo by Dougtone on Flickr

tree washington olympicpeninsula cedar washingtonstate olympicnationalpark bigcedartree
Big Cedar Tree - Olympic National Park - Washington State
Photo by Dougtone on Flickr

tree washington olympicpeninsula cedar washingtonstate olympicnationalpark bigcedartree
Big Cedar Tree - Olympic National Park - Washington State
Photo by Dougtone on Flickr

red cedar trees - group picture, image by tag -
red cedar trees - group picture, image by tag -
Lebanese cedar tree pictures | Trees and Flowers Pictures
Lebanese cedar tree pictures | Trees and Flowers Pictures