Artificial Fake Flowers, Hogado 4pcs Faux Yellow Daffodils Greenery Shrubs Plants Plastic Bushes Indoor Outside Hanging Planter Wedding Cemetery Decor

by Hogado
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  • Plastic plants is uv resistant and never fade, can be put outside,front porch, back deck, garden, veranda, balcony ,reservation where the hot weather kills much fresh flowers
  • Gaze this exotic daffodils in sparkling yellow color, amid lush green leaves,shining and twinkling ,rest your mood and wonder in cloud of daffodils as describable in the poem of Wordsworth
  • Dimensions: 9.45" Wide x 12.99" length. Each bouquet has 7 flexible stems and bushy leaves

Product description

Looking to update your outdoor space? Shrubs make exquisite accents or focal points in your landscape design.
It can be used as foundation plantings for many gardens , or even backdrops defining garden beds and adding interest to it.

Make your walkway, pathway, staircase standout by bordering our beautiful Dwarf yellow shrubs.
Low-Maintenance and never wilt, our vibrant yellow daffodils  bushes are the perfect plant to make hedges of,
Faux daffodils  comes in cool colors and cool colors when used near the borders and fences, create an illusion of enlarged space.

Dimensions: 9.45" Wide x 12.99" length. Each bunch has 7 stems .Four bunches in package
Material: Plastic
Tip: Because of the faux plant is made with plastic, so there maybe will have some smell. Please put the plant placed in ventilated place for
1-2 days.

Note: Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item you received could be slightly
different from the size above. Meanwhile, please be reminded that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness / contrast settings etc, there could be
some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
When shipped, each bouquet are putting close in order to reduce space. Customers can adjust the branches to the most natural state.

Bellina Planter, 12" Buttercup

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  • Delivered without drainage holes - holes easily drilled either in center or reservoirs of planter as needed
  • Lightweight and durable high density resin construction - weather resistant
  • Volume: 8-inch, .6 gallons; 12-inch, 2.5 gallons; Grande (12-inch tall), 3 gallons

Product description

The Bellina planters are available in 3 sizes: 8-inch, 12-inch, and Grande (12-inch taller version). Our best-ever selling design comes in various finishes - solid, spray, reactive, and stone. The Bellina offers a timeless design to blend seamlessly into modern, minimalist and traditional decor. Lightweight and durable high density resin - UV coated finish protects color from fading. Indoor or outdoor use. Planters are delivered without drainage holes - holes are easily drilled in the bottom either in the center or reservoirs of the planter as needed. The 8-inch is ideal for window sills, countertops, desks, and small tables - it's a great succulent or flowering plant container. The 12-inch and Grande will meet all of your larger scale planting needs. See pictures for full dimensions. Volume: 8-inch, .60 gallons; 12-inch, 2.50 gallons; Grande (12-inch tall), 3 Gallons.

Buttercup « The Litter Box

Sandy led the way through the maze of motor homes, dodging lounge chairs, barbecues, and septic hoses as we weaved our way toward the park. I petted the Andersons’ dog, Charlie, as we passed his blanket. The smell of brownies wafted from their screen door, and Sandy muttered, “Yummy.” Her voice was still magical to my ears, having met her just moments before; it tickled something in my head that I couldn’t quite define, it dazzled.

Once we got to the grassy area, away from the grown-ups and their bland doings, the girl in the yellow dress promptly sat down. I followed suit. I was aware of the sun drenching me in a moist warmth, the air like a caress to my soul.

“It’s nice out.” I said.

“Not a cloud in the sky.” she replied.

I started pulling on grass blades, trying to think of something else to say. While doing this, I noticed a small yellow flower nearby. A quick survey of the lawn revealed there were scores of these scattered across the green patch. Without any semblance of a plan, I plucked one and stretched it toward her. I felt simultaneously romantic and foolish, and told her, “A flower for you, madame.”

With a sweet, disarmingly beautiful smile, she reached out slowly and took the yellow gift from my hand. “It’s a buttercup.”

“No,” I said. “It’s a flower, silly.”

“You’re the silly one. It’s called the buttercup flower. Do you wanna know why?”


“Because,” She held the flower with the tips of her finger and thumb, and placed its petals directly under her chin. “When you hold it like so, it overflows with butter.”

I looked and could not believe my eyes. Her entire chin was a radiant golden hue, the sunlight apparently reflecting off of the buttercup. I was unable to look away from the warm glow of her skin, brought on by this trick of nature that somehow I had never been told about. It was a combination of immersion in the natural world, and having a dump truck unload a...

Skill: Medium - Folding the Buttercup Flower

Order at This video shows how to fold an Origami Bonsai Buttercup Flower. Origami Bonsai Instant Flowers are the first mass produced, patent-pending, origami flower in the world. They come pre-folded and can be easily opened into many different flower varieties. For more...

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  1. Anemones have mythological roots
    Also known as Greek wind flowers, anemones are members of the buttercup family and native to Europe. Standing only 3 inches tall, they have 1 1/2-inch flowers that resemble small daisies with yellow centers. Flower petals are typically purple, blue,
  2. The Southern Reporter Good time to learn flower-spotting
    Its flower is big, pink and brush-like and pokes through the ground before the huge rhubarb-like leaves put in an appearance. Its name comes not from any colour similarity to butter, like the buttercup, but from the old practice of using its large
  3. Pat Cloninger's garden grows flowers, memories
    Cloninger loves those roses because they come into flower in winter “when nothing else is blooming in the yard,” he explained. The roses, which are really in the buttercup family, are usually at their showiest during Lent, but this year, because of the
  4. San Antonio Express (blog) Movie notes: Hunger Games gets it right
    Prim named him Buttercup, insisting that his muddy yellow coat matched the bright flower.” So what did the filmmakers put on screen? A hideous, bedraggled pound cat? Certainly not. This fetching kitty had its nose and both ears intact.
  5. Garden Talk with Rob Zimmer: Early spring warmth brings flowers out of hibernation
    Spring-flowering bulbs often are the first to begin to bloom. Like the tiny snowdrops that dance in the March winds, a number of bulbs now begin to push up from below and begin to bloom. Large, buttercup-like flowers are the blossoms of winter aconites

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  1. 4PCS Spring Collection Gray Buttercup Resin Flower by ZARDENIA via @Etsy
  2. 4PCS Spring Collection Gray Buttercup Resin Flower by ZARDENIA via @Etsy
  3. 14PCS Daisy Buttercup Flower Cabochons 18mm Mixed by ZARDENIA via @Etsy
  4. RT @robinclifton: Cindi Ressler Photography: Flower Power Friday......Buttercup
  5. Nice butterfly shaped flower. No idea on flower, like a large buttercup!


  1. When held under the chin on a sunny day, buttercups shine a yellow spotlight up onto the chin. Now scientists have examined the anatomy of the flowers' petals and explained how they do it.
  2. Scientists have found that the distinctive glossiness of the buttercup flower (Ranunculus repens), which children like to shine under the chin to test whether their friends like butter, is related to its unique anatomical structure. Their findings were published today, 14 December, in the Royal...

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  1. North American Graded Stakes Results January 14
    9— FLATLINED, g, 5, Flatter–Buttercup’s Song, by Unbridled’s Song ... O-George Krikorian, B-George Krikorian (KY), $40,000. 5— Autumn Flower, m, 5, Flower Alley–Sharplaw Autumn, by Red Ransom. O-Traver, Thomas J and Webb, Priscilla, B-Traver ...
  2. Buttercups and Daisies
    Today in the field, the yellow flowers look dry. Formerly jubilant petals now hang ... We used to love to watch the buttercups and daisies dance. Whenever we came here, your eyelashes would imitate the fluttering flow of the grasses and greens.
  3. Antiques Column with Michael Dowse: How ceramic works branched out
    The company owed a lot of its success to their richly decorated lustre wares with Art Deco and Oriental influences but in the 1930s they branched out into something different with an emphasis on bold block colours and flower and leaf motifs. The new ...
buttercup flower
Photo by miseldine on Flickr

buttercups flowers nature sunny day beauty
My Buttercup among buttercups...
Photo by trollingking on Flickr

india yellow 50mm nikon kerala yellowflower nikkor d3 50mmf14 alappuzha 50mmf14d buttercupflower indiapics indiapictures allamandacathartica goldentrumpet yellowbell cherthala photocontesttnc09 stateofkerala municipalityofcherthala alappuzhadistrict manjakolambi yellowspitoon
Golden Trumpet (Allamanda cathartica), aka Yellow Bell and Buttercup Flower - it is known as Manja Kolambi in the State of Kerala (literally translated this means 'Yellow Spitoon') - Municipality of Cherthala,...
Photo by JanetandPhil on Flickr

... buttercup flower meanings, as these flowers symbolize neatness
... buttercup flower meanings, as these flowers symbolize neatness
Buttercup Flower Flower
Buttercup Flower Flower
Buttercup, Creeping - Non-native in Pacific NW and can be invasive.
Buttercup, Creeping - Non-native in Pacific NW and can be invasive.