Dwarf English Boxwood ( buxus ) - Live Plant - Quart Pot

by Amazing Plants
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  • This boxwood can grow in a multitude of different conditions- thriving in both sun and shade and requiring minimal water once established
  • The dwarf English boxwood is so versatile that it can be combined with virtually any color palette you Choose
  • Mature Height ( 1-2 feet ) -- Mature Width ( 1-2 feet ) -- Exposure ( full sun to shade ) -- Hardiness Zones ( 5-8 )

Product description

True dwarf English Boxwood buxus sempervirens suffruticosa the dwarf English Boxwood is so versatile that it can be combined with virtually any color palette you choose. Often used to highlight features in gardens like statues or fountains, dwarf English Boxwoods create striking borders with hardly any effort on your part. They look fabulous lining a long driveway or rimming the border of your garden. A small, rounded shrub that forms tufts of growth resembling a Cloud if unsheared. A true dwarf, this species is one of the most popular Boxwoods available. It offers plenty of bang for your buck in a compact shape. Dwarf English Boxwoods are slow-growing & reachup to two' in height, so you can tuck them in a tight spot with little fear of them becoming overgrown. This allows them to maintain their shape & beauty for long periods of time without maintenance or clipping. This Boxwood can grow in a multitude of different conditions- thriving in both sun & shade & requiring minimal water once established mature height : 1-2' mature width : 1-2' exposure : full sun to shade hardiness zones : 5-8

Green Velvet Boxwood, green leafed evergreen plant in 2 Gallon pot Buxus Microphylla Japonica 'Green Velvet'

by Green Promise Farms
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  • Plant is delivered direct from our nursery in a 2-gallon trade pot. It is fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting.
  • Grows well in full or partial sun.
  • Compact growing boxwood. Excellent evergreen leaf color throughout the year.

Product description

This plant is grown on our nursery by experienced growers. We Check the roots, foliage, & water levels to ensure it arrives in great condition. Before shipment, this plant is carefully packaged.

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A green, leafy faux boxwood shrub, pruned into a stylish ball shape, resides in a handsome pearl-finished urn in this delightful botanical arrangement. Perfect for an entryway, hallway, or on both sides of a fireplace or sliding glass door. So realistic that you'll be surprised when it never loses a single leaf. Faux green boxwood. Pearl-finished resin urn. 16" high. 10" wide. 10" deep.

Japanese Boxwood Shrub

Plant a Japanese Boxwood and add evergreen foliage year round. The Japanese boxwood makes an excellent hedge, or planted alone shapes nice to any form of your choosing. Visit www.tytyga.com

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  1. Blight that defoliates popular boxwood plants now in Ohio
    Boxwood is a popular shrub for landscaping, said Ralph Wagenhofer, the Columbus Department of Recreation and Parks supervisor at the Old Deaf School Park and Topiary Garden. It's not used in any of the garden's topiary figures, he said,
  2. Shrub-Threatening Disease Discovered At Ohio Farm
    State agriculture officials say a fungal disease that threatens a type of evergreen shrub has been found in Ohio for the first time. Boxwood blight was found at a Lake County farm run by a nursery in northeast Ohio, making it the 10th state to report
  3. El Monte community comes together to beautify City Hall
    With the site work completed and the soil graded and prepared for the installation of a colorful planting palette, the volunteers, joined by city council members and city staff, planted 60 red, yellow and white rose bushes, Japanese boxwood shrubs and
  4. Pruning guidelines for trees and shrubs
    Broad-leaved evergreens: Boxwood and holly firethorn are in this category. Prune out winter-injured foliage. Don't shear or cut as a hedge until late spring. Summer-flowering trees, shrubs, vines, hydrangeas and roses: Remove dead, damaged and crowded
  5. Hyde Park, Rugby Grill Will Expand Birmingham's Open-Air Dining Choices
    The 75-foot-wide seasonal patio will be enclosed by eight planters with boxwood shrubs and a decorative black railing. Guests will be able to relax with: That's 16 seats, perhaps a couple more if friends squeeze cozily onto the pair of loveseat-size

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  1. Boxwood shrubs are actually the art of trimming the plant in the garden. The boxwood shrubs when used in the garden will create the huge impact on the particular location.
  2. The boxwood shrubs are actually the art of trimming the plant in the garden. This boxwood shrub requires the perfect method of doing and making the particular area of the garden so crispy and very attractive.
  3. It said Boxwood shrubs, or also known as Buxus, is a genus containing about seventy species of plants.

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  1. Use of Horticultural Oils on Landscape Plants & Fruit Trees…
    Now is a good time to control scale insects on evergreen shrubs and trees such as camellias, hollies, bay laurel, myrtle, enonymus, citrus, photinias and boxwood through use of a horticultural oil spray. Fruit trees may be sprayed at this time of year in ...
  2. Which Boxwood Makes a Nice Low Growing Hedge?
    Add your two cents. Low growing boxwood used to make an entry way welcome sign. To the best of my recollection, the Boxwood plants used to make this entry way sign at our local high school are Buxus ‘Wintergreen’ also known as Korean Boxwood. ‘
  3. Plants can help with New Year resolutions
    Even without an outdoor space, children can learn to re-pot houseplants or make an indoor terrarium. Recommended plants: Train topiary by growing boxwood and teaching a youngster how to clip and snip a living plant into creative shapes. Although the animal ...
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Hidcote Manor Garden is a landscape garden located on the outskirts of the village of Hidcote Bartrim, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England and owned by the National Trust. Created by American-born...
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Best viewed LARGE on Black: bighugelabs.com/onblack.php?id=6634016875&size=large&... This is a set on two small gardens in Charlotte that we visited briefly last week. Neither was at their peak in terms of bloom...
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In 1952, the walled Morrison Garden was built. It still serves as the hub that unifies the Azalea Collection today. Bricks from a schoolhouse located in what is now the Boxwood Collection were used to construct the...
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boxwood shrub,wintergreen boxwood shrubs,japanese boxwood shrubs,dwarf ...
boxwood shrub,wintergreen boxwood shrubs,japanese boxwood shrubs,dwarf ...
... gal. Green Mountain Boxwood Shrub-B00415 - The Home Depot
... gal. Green Mountain Boxwood Shrub-B00415 - The Home Depot
Learn more about this boxwood shrub
Learn more about this boxwood shrub