Green Promise Farms Bushel Berry - Vaccinium x Peach Sorbet (Blueberry) Edible-Shrub, 2 - Size Container

Price: $33.99

  • For Best results, plant in used zones 5-8. Mature Height is 2-2ft, mature spread is 1-2ft.
  • This variety produces tons of large, tasty blueberries in late July and August. Plant is not guaranteed to arrive with fruit on it.
  • Grows well in full sun.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry (Vaccinium) - Quart Pot

Price: $17.99

  • Cold-hardy. Ripens in late July to early August. Self-pollinating
  • This unique Berry matures to a bright pink color and offers a flavorful treat. The plant produces showy pink flowers in spring and gold and Orange foliage in fall
  • Ships in a Quart pot -- We can not guarantee blooms / berries at time of purchase -- Shipped dormant when ordered from November thru April

Top Hat Dwarf Blueberry - Live Plant - Quart Pot

Price: $17.99

  • Recommended chill: 1,000 to 1,200 hours which will occur in zones 3 through 7. Deciduous.
  • ships in a quart pot -- we can not guarantee flowers at time of purchase -- may ship dormant when ordered from November thru April 
  • Mature Height ( 1-2 Feet ) -- Mature Width ( 1-2 Feet ) -- Exposure ( Full Sun ) -- Hardiness Zones ( 3-7 )

2 Blueray Blueberry Plant-- up to 20 Lbs Per Mature Plant! Nice 4 inch Pot Starter Plants. Currently Dormant (no leaves, still fine to plant for Spring!)

Price: $15.40

  • Zone 4-7, Cannot ship to CA,or HI
  • Dark blue, marble sized berries
  • Great Flavor and Texture

Blueberry Plants "Legacy" Northern Highbush Includes (4) Four Plants

Price: $23.99

  • Legacy is a USDA variety from the New Jersey research center and is considered one of the best tasting Northern Highbush Blueberries. These are large, super sweet blueberries that have a crimson color leaf in the fall
  • Among the Sweetest Tasting Northern Highbush Blueberry
  • The price includes Four (4) "Legacy" (Northern Highbush) Blueberry Plants with USPS Shipping. These are inch rooted starters plants shipped in 2 inch tray pots and are 4-6 inches tall.

Planting Blueberries & Growing Blueberries

Tricia shows you how to plant and grow delicious, nutritious blueberries in containers and in the garden. Tips on soil, fertilizing, and pruning. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies...

North Coast Gardening: Time to plant blueberries - Eureka Times Standard

A wonderful way to celebrate winter is to plant blueberries. One can never have too many blueberry bushes in the garden, especially as local nurseries are now loading up on fresh stock. Husky, beautiful plants await a place in your garden. Here are a few planting tips for successful growing:

CHOOSE — If you live right on the coast where winters are mild, choose southern high...

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  2. The Ellsworth American Behold the blueberry bush
    Maybe it's because blue is the color all food becomes if it sits around too long. The one crowning exception is the blueberry. Light or medium blue on the bush, deep blue in a pie, this native fruit is one we've all grown up with, especially in Maine
  3. WTVY, Dothan All the rain has made this year's blueberry crop squishy
    Rowe McMahen the Packing House Manager says "It tends to split the blueberries in the bush they get overfull in the water and they just start to split. We can't sell that to our buyer's anymore we have to pick those out whenever the berries are wet
  4. O'Hara opens Edible Trail; pears, blueberries available to pick along path
    Members of the community already have given the trail a thumbs-up. Cub scouts from Pack 381 pitched in to plant fruit trees that include a dwarf Seckel pear tree, a Jersey blueberry bush, three Autumn Britten raspberry bushes and a Patriot blueberry bush.
  5. - WISC-TV3 Recipe: Rhubarb in a jar
    Every spring, I seed, transplant and tend to my backyard garden. Some of my plants, like the gigantic strawberry and asparagus patch and blueberry bush, grow without much effort. To flourish, all they need is water and sunlight, and they produce


  1. Vaccinium alaskaense (Alaskan blueberry): one of the dominant shrubs in Alaskan and British Columbian coastal forests; Vaccinium angustifolium (lowbush blueberry): acidic barrens, bogs and clearings, Manitoba to Labrador, south to Nova Scotia and in the US, to Iowa and Virginia
  2. The Duke Blueberry is the most widely planted blueberry around. You'll love everything about your Duke Blueberry plant. It's easy to care for. It's beautiful all year around.
  3. A member of the Rabbiteye family, the Tifblue Blueberry has long held a place of prominence among commercial growers and astute kitchen gardeners. It’s considered a premium berry – firm, sweet and flavorful – and has a proven track record for producing copious quantities year-after-year.
  4. Once your blueberry bush is planted and established, it will grow well for years with a little sunshine, water and occasional shot of fertilizer.
  5. Many years ago I tried draping deer netting over my blueberry bushes. It was a complete failure. I didn't secure the netting at ground level so the birds got up under the net, it was a pain to crawl under there to pick, and the birds could sit on the outside and pick berries through the net.
fruit blueberry fruitbush
A new experiment this year. I bought a blueberry bush. The fruit is just beginning to ripen. The blackbirds are already making a grab for the ripe berries. I'll have to get a net pronto.
Photo by martinrstone on Flickr

flowers blueberrybush
Photo by Buddha Dog on Flickr

food fruit blueberry
Photo by andrewmalone on Flickr