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Product description

These are the best bayberry scented candles you will find!

Our exquisite Bayberry Scented Tapers are 100% made by hand in the United States of America... that is how we can provide you excellent quality at an affordable price! We guarantee you'll love these candles!

The legend and everything about this wonderful tradition is clearly printed on the back of the box for you and your loved ones to cherish and remember forever!

Burning bayberry candles is a tradition dating back to colonial times. Early colonists came upon the bayberry shrub growing in the sand belt of the Atlantic coast, as well as the shores of Lake Erie. The berry-type fruit is crusted with a greenish-white wax, settlers found that boiling the fruit created a wax residue on the surface of the water. The wax had a fragrant aroma and burned magnificently. Many berries had to be boiled to get enough wax to make a candle, these candles burned longer, cleaner, and brighter than did the traditional candles of the time. Therefore, bayberry candles were saved and burned on special occasions only! One such special occasion was the celebration of the New Year.

Over the years, the burning of bayberry candles on Christmas Eve and/or New Year's became a tradition, creating a saying by who, no one knows, yet the tradition continues today:

"Bayberry candles burned to the socket, bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket!"

The wax was believed to have medicinal uses, and honoring someone by burning a bayberry candle had a special meaning, perhaps creating a closer partnership and therefore better dealings!

Keep the tradition alive by burning a bayberry candle during the holiday season, or better yet, give one to a close friend as a gift to ensure a close relationship.

We hope that our long burning bayberry scented tapers will bring you and your loved ones a peaceful, plentiful, and rewarding new year.

Real Bayberry 10 Inch Tapers Boxed

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Product description

These genuine bayberry candles, made from the wax on the berries of the bayberry shrub, have been the traditional holiday candle since colonial times

Forgiving Forsythias

The early, bright gold blooms of forsythia are welcomed by many as cheerful harbingers of spring. Some find the ubiquitous waves of yellow a bit too jarring to integrate into formal landscapes and foundation plantings. Others use the flowers as a phenological indicator signaling that it is time to put down pre-emergence crabgrass controls. Dr. Michael Dirr from the University of Georgia finds it, “one of the most overrated and over-used shrubs!” Whatever your take on forsythia, we all know that the cheery, 4-lobed blossoms are a sure sign that spring is finally here!

While they are found throughout New England, forsythias belong to the olive family and are native to eastern Asia although one species is from south east Europe. They were named in honor of the Scottish botanist, William Forsyth (1737-1804).

I used to really like the forsythia that came with our old house. It was located next to the porch and for at least 15 years I enjoyed this golden herald of spring and spent vast hours clipping and chopping at it to keep it in the size range I needed for that spot. I also spent a fair amount of time pulling out rooting shoots that seemed to multiply each year. The look I was after was that of an upright, somewhat mounded shrub. Forsythia wants to be a fountain that spills over its banks. My husband was so happy that I wanted to replace the forsythia with a better behaved shrub that I found it cut down and dug out at merely the mention that I was thinking of doing so! It has since been replaced by a bayberry.

Now that I have confessed to my horticultural moment of darkness, I have to admit that when forsythia are well-placed in the landscape, they can provide a glorious vision for 2 or 3 weeks. The key is finding the correct placement and proper pruning.

Forsythia do not want to be a ball or a box or a rectangle. They want to be that flowing fountain and need at least a 10 foot by 10 foot spot to shine. When given enough...

Bayberry (Myrica pensylvanica) - Low Flammability shrub.

This video demonstrates how the Bayberryburned during a controlled flammability studies conducted by the US Forest Service, University of Florida, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), at NIST's fire laboratory in Gaithersburg, MD. For information about plant flammability...

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    Entice birds year-round with plants that provide food well past fall, such as bayberry or holly. Q: Sometimes my magnolia buds freeze before they can open. Can I prevent this? A: Unfortunately, no. Many magnolias flower from late February to April,
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    Here's a list of woody plants (trees, shrubs and evergreens) on that list: balsam fir, red maple, sugar maple, sweetshrub, catalpa, American dogwood, Eastern red cedar (aka Eastern juniper), spicebush, tulip poplar, bayberry, mock orange, white pine,


  1. Bayberry is an evergreen shrub, whose healing properties are like those of the wild Oregon grape root. If you're looking for a bayberry extract for women's complaints, then you have come to the right place!
  2. Bayberry candles are made from a berry from a small shrub that are dripless and they have a very bright flame. Read on to learn how to make homemade bayberry candles.

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    Ticks need humid environments, and in fact they will become desiccated if the humidity drops below 80 per cent. Barberry shrubs have dense leaves that retain moisture and even after the leaves fall to the ground they maintain a humid environment ...
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    Canada and the U.S. have one advantage over other countries in controlling the spread of Ug99. A common native shrub called the barberry, found throughout temperate and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, acts as an alternate host plant, which allows ...
lighting winter light urban tree luz landscape geotagged nc candles berries purple charlotte landscaping colonial newengland electricity waxy bayberry midatlantic waxmyrtle preindustrial 2013 mystuart vision:outdoor=094 vision:plant=0678
Myrica cerifera. www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/plants/landscape/shrubs/hg... Growing at the motel parking lot where we stayed before and after our trip to Yucatan in December (near airport). These berries were a...
Photo by mystuart on Flickr

plant newjersey spring nj shrub bayberry matawan myrica cheesequakestatepark northernbayberry myricapensylvanica myricaceae middlesexcounty fagales
Cheesequake State Park
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

plant newjersey spring nj shrub bayberry matawan myrica cheesequakestatepark northernbayberry myricapensylvanica myricaceae middlesexcounty fagales
Cheesequake State Park
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

... gal. Northern Bayberry Shrub-M943G3 - The Home Depot
... gal. Northern Bayberry Shrub-M943G3 - The Home Depot