Sustainable Seed 10 Variety Culinary Herb Seed Collection - 100% NON GMO Heirloom Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lavender, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme for Planting an Heirloom Herb Garden

by Sustainable Seed Company
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  • Each eco-friendly, compostable herb seed packet includes detailed planting instructions, all sealed in a waterproof, resealable Mylar package PLUS, our professional MASTER GARDENERS who have been featured in the LA/NY TIMES and WALL STREET JOURNAL; are here to answer any questions you might have. Stop by our 13,000' facility FOR A VISIT! We are here to help you GROW!
  • Our UNIQUE WORKFORCE enables U.S. Veterans, troubled youth, 2nd chance and disabled Americans a fulfilling career. Allowing significant contributions to their lives, community and allowing Sustainable Seed to grow and give back to this wonderful country we live in. WE ALSO DONATE TO OVER 100 CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS globally. We believe in "Pay it forward"! THANK YOU for supporting us.
  • From a real LICENSED seed company. That means NO seed in little plastic dime bags packed on someone's kitchen table. Real paper seed packets with an expiration date, lot # and germination number AS REQUIRED by Federal Seed Law. There is a reason seed companies have been using paper packets for over 200 years. Seed are living organisms that need to breathe. And these packets actually have planting instructions!

Product description

Heirloom Herb Collection! Many of us are growing more of our own food these days to save money and provide healthy organic vegetables for our table. So it makes sense that a lot of us are discovering the difference fresh herbs can make. What's better than a kitchen-herb garden right out of your backdoor? Plant your own kitchen herb garden or herb spiral! It's easy and all in one package!

This is a collection of 10 different essential herbs:
• Basil ~200 seeds
• Thyme ~1,000 seeds
• Oregano ~250 seeds
• Chives ~250 seeds
• Sage ~35 seeds
• Parsley ~700 seeds
• Cilantro/coriander ~35 seeds
• Lavender ~30 seeds
• Rosemary ~150 seeds
• Dill ~900 seeds

That's over 3,300 seeds!*

You get fresh, just harvested 2017 seed stock with germination rates that exceed Federal minimums, from Sustainable Seed Company, a trusted USDA Certified Organic seed company owned and operated right here in the USA.

Each REAL, eco-friendly, compostable seed packet is made from recycled paper and includes detailed planting instructions, and they're all sealed in a waterproof, resealable Mylar package.

Still not sure about starting your herb garden? Our professional staff of Master Gardeners is here to answer any questions you might have and lend you their expert advice.

This package is priced at 25% off regular price, so you're not only getting a great herb garden that the chef in your family will love, you're also saving money - which EVERYONE loves!

*All seed counts are approximate based on weight

Mrs. Meyer's Soy Candle, Basil, 7.2-Ounce Glass Jars (Pack of 6)

by SC Johnson
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  • It's in a cute jelly jar that you can reuse as a juice glass or hold your marble collection
  • All Candles are made from vegetable (soy) wax

Product description

Sometimes it feels good just to have a nice candle giving off some extra fragrance while you're busy with your chores. A Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Candle can help you do exactly that.

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While it may not yet feel like Springtime, this sangria recipe will convince you otherwise. Made with Cline Cellar's Cool Climate Chardonnay, the drink is crisp and refreshing. I added basil to this recipe for a few reasons but mostly to give the drink a clean finish. And unlike most sangria, where the recipe is designed to cover up bad wine, this is quite the opposite. It was designed to showcase it. Enjoy!

How to Grow Basil

I'm going to show you how to grow what is, quite possibly, the world's most popular herb: Basil. Basil is a key ingredient in the cuisines of many Southeast Asian countries and of course Italy. Its popularity is due to the range of flavors, sizes and colors available, and because it is so easy to...

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  1. When we think of Mediterranean cuisine, the first three products that come to mind are the basil, tomatoes and olives.We will present next week the tomato, for now we look on the basil. A Little History : There are over 4000 years, the basil has gone to India to spread in Asia and to Egypt.
  2. When we think of Mediterranean cuisine, the first three products that come to mind are the basil, tomatoes and olives.We will present next week the tomato, for now we look on the basil. A Little History : There are over 4000 years, the basil has gone to India to spread in Asia and to Egypt.
  3. Basil

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    [10] In addition to the seeds selected to be planted are twenty five heirloom seeds and ten different herbs such as anise hyssop and Thai basil.[10] Former presidents' favorite produce will also be sown such as President Thomas Jefferson’s preferred ...
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    I found the eggplant montanara equally delicious. The square shape was topped with baked cherry tomatoes and melted smoked Provola cheese and garnished with whole basil leaves. The classic montanara was topped with three-year aged Parmigiano Reggiano.
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    And this is only taste-wise. Let’s see the health benefits of all the different ingredients this pasta salad recipe makes use of: Basil is an aromatic herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae). The name itself comes from Greek βασιλικόν φυτόν ...
plant basil
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plant texture window photomanipulation photoshop grunge pot basil herb textured grungy brendastarr november2010
Created for PS Talent: Contest 62 - Basil Pot. Pot of basil with thanks to sammydavisdog Window Sill with thanks to Null Textures 1 & 2 with thanks to SkeletalMess Texture 3 is my own. 98/365 Photo...
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I don't have much of a green thumb. The last time I tried to grow a basil plant, it died. Maybe because I kept plucking away at the leaves. Thinking of growing basil again. But this time, I'll think big and grow a...
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The Price of Beauty: Basil Bath Salts!
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