Schultz SPF44900 African Violet Plus Liquid Plant Food 8-14-9, 4 oz

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  • Stimulates beautiful flower production
  • Specially formulated for African violets and other blooming plants
  • Contains basic micronutrients

Product description

Schultz African Violet Plus Liquid Plant Food is perfect for African violets and other blooming plants. In nature, African violets obtain their food from a nutrient-rich environment that is continuously being replenished by nature. However, African violets grown indoors depend on you to provide these nutrients. Feeding with Schultz African Violet Plus gives you the confidence in knowing your violets are being fed every time they are watered. Just add 7 drops per quart of water with the easy-to-measure dropper and feed your blooming plants every time you water. The 8-14-9 plant food dissolves completely and instantly and feeds your African Violets through the roots.

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (5”) + Fiber Soil = Foolproof Indoor Home Garden. Modern Decorative Planter Pot for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents. Easy / Looks Great.

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  • IMPRESSIVE GARDENING GIFT - Houseplants are good for you, plus they look great. Why not give the power of plants to someone you care about? It's easy to grow plants with an Aquaphoric planter. Anyone can do it.
  • FOOLPROOF - It's self-watering! The handy water level indicator let's you know when and how much to water you're indoor house plants. Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days. Aquaphoric Planters work great for all plant types, flowers, herbs vegetables, tropical foliage, succulents, African Violets and seed starting.
  • PLANTS LOVE IT! - And it'll show with lush growth and more flowers. The unique passive hydroponic action creates the ideal balance of root zone oxygen and water. Plants grow and thrive because plant roots are able to sprawl and breathe within the planter. container. Stop over and under watering your plants, Aquaphoric planters are the modern way to care for houseplants, it's easy.

Product description

It's Foolproof.

Overwatering is the #1 reason plants fail.

Conventional planters must be watered precisely when needed, requiring constant checking for proper plant moisture, rarely accurate even with experience. It's so easy and precise with an Aquaphoric planter, just check the water gauge to see if water is needed. No more soggy roots or wilted plants from over or under watering.

Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days. Now you can go on vacation and come back home to vibrant, alive plants.

Plants Love It!

Pamper your plants with the Aquaphoric treatment they deserve and they'll thank you.

It's confusing to know when to water your plants. So people tend to water them sporadically or on a set schedule, like once a week. This inconsistent over or under watering causes plants to stress and decline. The Aquaphoric system consistently nourishes plants in a soothing bath of water, oxygen and nutrients. Plants love it! They'll live longer with lush leaves, greater yields and abundant flowers.

Complete with super easy illustrated instructions.

Convenient - Includes Soil

Includes 1 Quarts of Fiber Soil

Fiber Soil is made of long strands of microscopic straw-like fibers. The incredibly porous nature of Fiber Soil allows roots to easily stretch and sprawl so plants can flourish. Conventional potting soil tends to compact and choke out roots, leading to root rot and plant failure. And you'll appreciate the convenience of not having to purchase and lug around heavy bags of potting soil. Just hydrate the compressed disk in the enclosed bag and place around the roots. It's simple and easy. Fiber Soil contains minimal nutrients, you'll need some fertilizer to keep your indoor garden growing lush and vibrant.

African Violets


In nature you will find African violets living in the moist, humid jungles of Africa.  When we grow African violets at home, we should try to mimic these conditions the best we can.  These plants thrive in temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees during the day with nighttime temperatures no lower than 60 degrees.  In the winter, it is best to move them away from windows at night.  To provide humidity, you can use a self-watering pot or a humidity tray.  You can easily make your own humidity tray using a saucer filled with pea gravel.  Add water to just below the gravel line and set the violet on top.

Watering is best done from below with a self-watering pot or with a watering can with a long spout so you can reach into the foliage without splashing the leaves.  One of the biggest problems home gardeners have is white spots forming on leaves, which is usually caused by cold water splashes.  The water should be room temperature or a little tepid.

African violets like rich soil.  In the jungle the soil is alive with continually-decomposing organic matter.  It is best to use prepared African violet soil mix because the mix has been scientifically prepared to the exact specifications for maximum growth.  When transplanting , be sure the soil is not packed too tightly, as they like well-aerated soils in a roomy pot.

The pests that attack African violets are mealy bugs (white bugs along the stems and undersides of leaves), red spider mites (very small reddish bugs that usually spin fine webs), and gnats (black bugs that fly out of the soil).  All are a nuisance but can be controlled.  It is best to use something natural like Neem oil.  If you cannot find that, whatever you use should be listed as safe for African violets.  Diseases commonly found on violets are powdery mildew (a grayish-white film on leaves and stem) and...

How to start an African Violet from a leaf How to start an African Violet from a leaf, revised from my last one.

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African Violets African violets
African Violets African violets
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pink african violet is in honor of her birthday