Brussel's DT3066AZ Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

by Brussel's Bonsai
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  • 5 years old, 8 inches tall
  • Pink, white, or red blooms in spring
  • Grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries

Product description

With small, round leaves and large, pink flowers blooming from May to June, this broadleaf flowering bonsai is packed with stems for a gorgeous late spring show. Though the Satsuki Azalea has just one flower per stem, the shrub has so many stems that during the flowering season they are a solid mass of color. Grown in Japan for centuries, the Satsuki Azalea's graceful trunk movement adds distinct shape to the patio, deck or garden. This particular bonsai is 5 years old and stands 8 inches tall. Although evergreens can be displayed indoors for short periods of time, they need to experience seasonal changes and should be kept outside year round.

Brussels grows specimens only under carefully controlled conditions, meticulously training each tree with wire and pruning over a period of years. If upon the tree's arrival some leaves have dropped or turned slightly brown that does not mean the bonsai is unhealthy. Defoliation is the natural result of being in the low-light environment of a shipping box. When you receive your tree, place the box in a shaded area to unpack. Inspect tree for damage to branches or leaves. Water soil if dry, and place the tree in shade for at least one week before moving to a sunny location.

What is a Bonsai?
Literally, the Japanese word "bonsai" means "tray tree" or "plant grown in a pot." The term refers to the artistic techniques used to capture the natural beauty of trees, rather than a specific variety of tree. A full-grown tree and a bonsai can be grown from the same seed--the bonsai has simply been dwarfed and shaped through years of training. For more information on care and training visit Brussel's Bonsai on the Web.

10+ Dinnerplate Hibiscus/ Perennial Flower Seed/ Easy to Grow/ Huge 10-12 Inch Flowers/ Fairy Dust

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  • Zones 5 - 9
  • Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Fast growing / 4-5 tall

Product description

Easy to grow from seed. Hardy and adaptable. Gorgeous distinctive huge flowers.. These plants add a splash of color to any flower garden. Can be started indoors in winter to be transplanted ourdoors in spring.....or can be sown directly into the garden or containers in spring and summer. Instructions included.

Petticoats & Pistols » Legends and Uses of the Plants and Flowers ...

Good Morning!

Spring, plants, fresh grass, the smell of good earth and food gathering, and the reminder that the earth refreshes itself every year.  I once did a series on preparedness and different plants that one could eat, use for medicine and that sort of thing – in truth, one can never be prepared enough in my consideration.  That said, let me take the time to say that there is much to be considered when talking about herbs, plants, food and medicine.  If ever the “powers that be” try to starve a section of the population – pull up that series again. 

Much of what I’m going to blog about today comes from the book by Fances Densmore, HOW INDIANS USE WILD PLANTS FOR FOOD, MEDICINE, & CRAFTS.  But let me start by quoting this section, because I found it fascinating:  From page 323 (the book starts on page 285): 

 ”In the old days the Indians had few diseases, and so there was not a demand for a large variety of medicines.  A medicine man usually treated one special disease and treated it successfully.  He did this in accordance with his dream.  A medicine man would not try to dream of all herbs and treat all diseases, for then he could not expect to succeed in all nor to fulfill property the dream of any one herb or animal.    He would depend on too many and fail in all.  That is one reason why our medicine men lost their power when so many diseases cam among us with the advent of the white man.”    This was said by a Sioux and is quoted in the book.

And one more quote from the book:  “It is a teaching of the Midewiwin that every tree, bush, and plant has a use.”

This is the legend of Winabojo and the Birch Tree.  Winabojo was a human being who was mysterious and had many powers.  As the legend goes, Winabojo was taken by the Thunderbird to his nest, where Winabojo became a play object of the Thunderbird’s children.  However, the Thunderbirds didn’t realize their power and Winabojo became afraid that they would...

Plants Vs. Zombies Part 1: Flower Power

The start of the first PC game played for this channel. A game by PopCap, and quite a good one at that. Pretty much the game is you plant plants to defend your house against the waves of zombies out to eat your brains.

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Flowers and plants in Church Street Square, during Summer 2013. On Sunday 28th July 2013, judges from Entente Florale went around Birmingham. Birmingham was chosen to represent the UK by the Royal Horticultural...
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camera plant flower macro nature stone digital southafrica succulent nikon close martin photograph flowering d200 climber dslr capensis suidafrika 60mmf28micro nikonstunninggallery caudiciform heigan 24august2008 kedrostris klipplant
A photograph of the tiny flower of Kedrostris capensis (a Caudex succulent climber that looks like a flat stone). Common Names: Stone Plant or Klipplant Best viewed LARGE. More photos of Caudex plants...
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